For Solar Energy

Let Our Knowledge Give You The Edge

electrical cost estimator for solar energy professionalsSolar Energy is coming to a front as the green movement in the United States continues to progress. Now, more than ever, Solar Industries can take advantage of RAV’s vast understanding of the electrical field. Solar projects require electrical installations and it is our goal to combine our knowledge of electrical systems with your engineering and solar design, creating a beneficial work relationship. RAV is certified within the solar field and has superior knowledge associated with solar energy systems, including Low and Medium Voltage electrical systems as well with Overhead Transmission and Distribution.

Full Electrical Estimation Service

We are capable of providing all your electrical needs in any upcoming solar project, some of which include:

  1. Quantity take-offs and pricing, including labor, materials, equipment, and subcontract costs
  2. Obtaining and analyzing bids on projects from subcontractors and material vendors
  3. Keeping abreast of current changes and trends in construction codes
  4. Subcontract bid packages, soliciting subcontract bids, and the review and evaluation of bids
  5. Maintaining up-to-date capabilities on estimating computer software and programs

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