Full New York Electrical Estimating Services

RAV Electrical Estimating is the clear choice among electrical estimating services. It doesn’t matter whether you require an adaptive company to step in and help with estimating overload or a seasoned electrical estimator to handle all your estimating needs – allowing you to breathe a little easier. We’ll help you make sure you meet any electrical estimating deadlines you have and we even offer rush services. An individualized project estimate will be completed specifically for your company to allow for a cutting edge competitive bid in New York. You have access to the estimator throughout the bidding process.

When To Use An Electrical Estimation Service:

  • When You Need To Grow Your Company
  • Emergency/Temporary Fill In
  • Improve Specialization

We believe a good, strong, working relationship is necessary to ensure that we deliver the results you need, how you need them.

Benefits Of Our Electrical Estimation Service

Instantly Increase Productivity

The moment you pick up the phone and dial 866-303-7881, you’ve just increased your productivity. An electrical estimation company like RAV focuses on our specialty and can allow you to focus on yours.

Win the RIGHT Bids

Over 30 years of electrical industry experience is on your side when you work with RAV Estimating. We will help you win more bids – the right bids – at an amount that is sure to maximize your profits.

Lower Stress

With RAV Estimating handling your New York electrical estimation needs a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. That’s why we’re here – there are enough aspects to handle in your business. We’ll make one less for you.

Meet Your Electrical Estimating Deadlines

There’s nothing worse than that feeling: the deadline for your bid is in 3 days and your offices have been so swamped with work, proposals, and RFP’s that you’ve completely mixed up dates. You’re in luck though because you can rely on the priority service of RAV Electrical Estimating. And in the future, send your projects to RAV as soon as you get them and you’ll always be ahead of the ball.

Browse through our available services to aid in your electrical estimation.

Plans and Specifications

  • Obtain Plans and Specs
  • Review Plan and Specs
  • Review Addendum
  • Generate and Forward Request For Info (RFI)

Electrical Estimating Services

  • Subcontractor Packages Prepared and Submitted To Your Subcontractors
  • Material Packages Prepared And Submitted To Your Suppliers
  • Take Off Plans

Electrical Estimating Reports

  • Material and Supply Quotes
  • System Quotes
  • Take Off Extensions
  • Subcontractor Quotes
  • Qualifiers With Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Total Labor in Hours
  • Job Expenses
  • Package Pricing
  • No Quoted Item Pricing
  • Overhead
  • Profit Report

Other Electrical Estimation Services

  • Project Management
  • Electrical Consulting
  • As Built Drawings
  • Site Visits Upon Request
  • Project Scheduling
  • Take Offs Only
  • Counts Only
  • Conceptual Project Budgeting

Design Build Services Include

  • Conceptual Design
  • Load Calculation
  • Ink or CAD Drawings
  • Value Engineering
  • LIghting Design
  • Electrical Service Design
  • System Design

Customer Support

  • 24 Hour E-mail
  • 24 Hour Fax
  • Work Day Phone
  • Phone/Video Conference
  • Question and Answer Session Prior To Bid Completion