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Electrical Estimating and Costing for Architects and Engineers

Architect and Engineering firms can utilize RAV’s knowledge of electrical systems on a variety of levels. Our staff is comprised of not only top quality estimators, but top quality estimators who have spent time working as electrical contractors, project managers, superintendents, journeyman wireman, project foremen, and general foremen.

We are more than number counters and with a plethora of hands on experience within every aspect of the electrical field, we know what Architects and Engineers need from us as an estimating service.

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RAV Estimating is Here to Assist Through All Phases of Your Electrical Projects

You can increase the number of bids you are submitting (and winning) without forfeiting quality, precision, or your personal resources. In addition, you will be cutting overhead costs by eliminating the possibility of hiring supplementary staff members. Enabling you to bid on more projects now!

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See how our full offering of electrical wiring estimating and costing services can increase your productivity and save you headaches.

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