Industry Specialties


Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors make up the majority of electrical estimation service clients. Read ahead and you’ll see good reason why! We understand that different electrical contractors and companies have varying needs from an estimator. Whether you do not have an estimating service at all, or you simply need additional assistance, RAV can fulfill your needs


If you’re an architect or engineer, then RAV has a number of services that are geared at making your life easier and solving your needs. We are more than number counters and with a plethora of hands on experience within every aspect of the electrical field, we know what Architects and Engineers need from us as an estimating service.

Solar Energy

RAV has extensive knowledge in the field of solar energy. We’re the experts that you need to make sure that your solar project goes smoothly. Now is the time for solar Industries to take advantage of RAV’s vast understanding of the electrical field.

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